Programs and Fees ~ 2017 - 2018 

The Montessori School offers an A.M.I. (Montessori) education to children ages 14 months through the sixth grade in the greater Fairfield County area.  A non-profit organization, the school seeks a representative community of students, welcoming a diversity of race, religion, and economic background.  




Toddler8:45 - Noon$19,840
Toddler Extended Day8:45 - 3:15$26,720
Primary Half Day8:45 - Noon$17,440
Primary Full Day8:45 - 3:15$24,500
Primary Extended 5 Days/week (Nappers)8:45 - 3:15$23,200
Primary Extended 4 Days/week (Nappers)8:45 - 3:15$22,060
Primary Extended 3 Days/week (Nappers)8:45 - 3:15$20,960
Elementary8:30 - 3:30$25,660
  Additional Activity Fee for each 6th Year student $600
Early Morning (Primary & Elementary)7:45 - 8:30$720
Late Day (+ Early Morning) Primary, Elem7:45 8:30+3:15-6:00$5,500

Tuition Assistance Program

The Montessori School seeks to assure economic diversity in our classrooms and to prevent any child enrolled in the School from having to leave due to a family fiscal crisis.  Information on our Tuition Assistance Program is available through the Admission and Business Offices or by clicking here.

Programs and Eligibility

All children under age 5 are expected to attend 5 mornings a week, 8:45 am - Noon, without exception. Children age 5 and older are expected to enroll in the Full Day Program (8:45 am - 3:15 pm).  The Extended Day (Nappers) Program is available to younger children.

TODDLER students begin the program at approximately age 14-18 months.  At age 2½, Toddlers generally transition into a Primary classroom.

Beginning PRIMARY students must be between the ages of 2½ and 3½ unless transferring from an accredited Montessori school. PRIMARY students must be toilet-trained. The Primary Program is a progressive learning cycle which prepares the student for first grade.  Students are expected to stay for the full cycle.

ELEMENTARY students must be at least age 6 to begin the Elementary Program.  The Elementary students complete 3-year cycles at both the Lower and Upper Elementary levels.


Registration: There is an annual, non-refundable Tuition Deposit of $1,500 payable with the contract for each student to reserve a place in the school.

Enrollment Fees:  New Students Only:  A one-time non-refundable Enrollment fee of $2,300 (inclusive of tuition insurance required for all new students) is due upon signing the contract, in addition to the Tuition Deposit.

Occasional Use of Programs:  PRIMARY and ELEMENTARY students may use the Early Morning & Late Day programs for a drop-in fee on an occasional basis when space is available:  $5 for Early Morning; $36 for Late Day (3:15-6:00 pm) or, for a portion, $22 for first hour or if using this service between the conclusion of After School programs and 6:00 pm. TODDLER students may use the Toddler Extended Day ($45) or Toddler Lunch Program ($20) for less than 5 days/week at the discretion of the Directress.

Payment options on Smart Tuition:  

  • Full annual payment by 7/31
  • Four equal installments due 7/31, 9/30, 11/30 and 1/31 
  • Ten equal monthly installments due 7/31 through 4/30


A private school, offering AMI Montessori education in Fairfield County, including Fairfield, Greenwich, Weston, Wilton and Stamford, since 1964.        


Our Location

34 Whipple Road 

Wilton, CT 06897-4406 


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